Industrial Photography - Hong Kong Container Port

Documenting large scale industrial projects has always been a personal favorite type of commercial photography. This recent corporate assignment just took me to Hong Kong for a week of shooting, covering several logistic centers in and around the container port of HK, which is one of the largest in the world. The aim of this project was to find high angles over each site to give a good overview of the warehouses and their surrounding environment, as well as to give a sens of the scale of these massive projects. There was a lot of rooftop climbing involved to get this done. Another part of the job was to show the sites in operation, focusing on activities such as transport, storage and delivery of containers.

China Luxury Events - Louis Vuitton, Hermes

With so many luxury stores opening all around China, Shanghai photographers have been busy recently covering series of spectacular events. On my side I was assigned by agency Actuasia to cover several Louis Vuitton openings along with fellow photographer Patrick Wack, including the brand’s new flagship store in Chengdu as well as their Series 1 launch in Shanghai. Both events featured local and international celebrities such as Fan Bing Bing, Adèle Exarchopoulos and Chloë Sevigny.

I was also commissioned by agency Blank to cover the opening of the new Maison Hermes in Shanghai together with french photographer Eric Leleu. You can see some of our photos on Hermes Instagram feed.

All in all it was a lot of fun, and a great way to interact and connect with teams of other China based photographers. Looking forward to our next collaborations!

Warehouse Photography - China

Here is what I’ve been working on since the beginning of this year. Both photographers from my co-founded agency Propaganda Studio were assigned to produce illustrative corporate visuals for global Australian development company Goodman across China. This long term project took us to several cities including Shanghai, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jinshan, Tianjin and Chengdu.

Our aim has been to document all aspects of these development projects, from construction to finished products, sites in service, client interaction, general descriptive views, landscaping, architectural details, branding elements, access and integration within strategic geographic locations, safety, human attention and other distinctive key features.

This industrial portfolio was set to showcase the diversity of usage and the high-end built quality of Goodman's design of serviced properties, and give a sens of their global overlook upon projects from land ownership to final client retail.

Another part of the job was to show the office side of business, as the company’s head office for China is located within Shanghai’s new Kerry Center and features prime open space design with a great emphasis put on human interaction.

After this first series of photo shoots, we will soon start a second round of projects which will take us to new sites around Beijing, Nanjing, Chongqing and other cities.

Photographer in Bali

Playing the Bali photographer this summer, after a long stretch of corporate assignments kept me busy these past months. Currently working from the amazing co-working space Hubud in Ubud, for who I have already shot a series of lifestyle and interior images last year, which were used on their website and published on platforms like Forbes, BBC, the Jakarta Globe, Fetch and several others.

Indonesia really is a perfect working holiday destination for the digital nomads we photographers like to be, with access to dynamic community centers, relaxing environment and amazing natural landscapes for all weekend getaways.

Chongqing - Urban Jungle

Chongqing, Western China, is the ultimate urban jungle. With a municipality covering the size of Austria and home to almost 30 milion people, some call it the world’s largest city. Eventhough most of its territorry and population are still rural, the urban core is under massive expansion and Chongqing is now the fastest growing city in the world. Yet this development is mostly wild and unregulated (the city is notorious for its corruption), which over the past years has led to an incredible forest of buildings taking over mountains and surrounding farm-lands, creating one of the most overwhelming urban landscapes on Earth. The hot and humid weather of Chongqing coupled with the total absence of coordinated landscape design allows for an abundant and lush vegetal wildlife to thrive everywhere in the city, taking over streets and buildings in a wonderfully chaotic way. This photo essay aims to show the unique scenery created by Chinese mass urbanization, endemic lawlessness, moutainous topography and subtropical climate, as a very organic urban sprawl out of a science fiction movie.

Corporate photography - Porsche Ocean Transporter

A recent corporate photography assignment I shot for WWL, ocean transporter for Porsche, delivering luxury cars in Shanghai and China. This story was published in WWL’s global corporate magazine.

A day at the sea, Naoshima, Japan

Outtakes from my latest trip to Japan

Burberry - London in Shanghai

Burberry just officially launched its new flagship store at Shanghai Kerry Center, the brand’s largest store in Asia. To celebrate this opening, a massive event was held this week in an old industrial shipyard specially dressed up for the occasion, featuring Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse, in a spectacular show aiming to bring London to Shanghai for a night.

FMC Chemical Lab

Long time without updates. The past couple of months have been quite hectic and filled with a variety of projects mainly in the corporate and industrial fields. One of them was an assignment to shoot the new flagship corporate labs and offices of chemical firm FMC in Shanghai’s Pudong new development zone. These guys manufacture gummy bears and organize corporate ice-cream tastings in their lab… not really the idea people have of a chemical company in China.

Longjing Green Tea - Hangzhou

The Longjing Tea is a high-status Imperial Chinese green tea, originally grown in the Zhejiang Province of Eastern China. A recent photography assignment took me to Hangzhou to document and illustrate the cultivation process of the plant, as well as to explore the rich natural and cultural surroundings that make this tea such a treasure.

It’s amazing to find such fresh air, old temples and lush rolling hills only a couple of hours away from Shanghai, and staying there in a resort like Banyan Tree, Aman or Four Seasons makes for a very nice escape from the busy city life.

Seoul Cityscapes

Hello 2014! I just came back from Korea where we spent the New Year’s Eve with some friends, but also used a bit of that time to work on shooting some urban landscape images. Seoul is a massive city with a urban population of over 25 million people, placing it in the list of the world’s largest mega-cities along with Tokyo and Shanghai. The geography of the city is very attractive with rivers and mountains separating different areas, while the architectural landscape is rich, dense, diverse and incredibly spread out. Seoul skyline is not very well known compared to other major Asian cities, but for me this is one of the most visually exiting cities in the area.

Shooting kids, BTS Video

This behind the scene video was made recently for a kids’ sunglasses campaign where I was assigned to produce all the still visuals. We worked with the full team of our recently opened company Propaganda Studio, and had overall a great time with the kids.

New Mini Cooper launch event Shanghai

Mini Cooper has just unveiled its latest car design in China after a series of launches in London and Los Angeles. Rock band Gossip followed them around this world-wide tour, performing live shows on stage as ambassadors of the brand. During this Shanghai edition, me and fellow photographer Tim Franco were assigned to capture key moments of the event in a documentary style showcasing cars, musicians, crowd and architectural environment since the venue was carefully selected to be in a designer’s hotel made from a restored warehouse on the cool docks of Shanghai.

Shanghai Pollution

Shanghai has suffered a wave of heavy smog recently with regular pollution peaks reaching over 300 on the AQI, a level considered hazardous.

Over this time I have been covering few events and shooting corporate portraits in Shanghai’s city centre. Mainly inside high-rise buildings, I could catch a few images of this apocalyptic vision which is now so common in Chinese cities.

As winter is quickly approaching in China, the coal burning industry is intensifying across the country to provide heating for millions of homes. This phenomenon is largely responsible for many smog alerts, and the results are visually alarming.

Pullman Lijiang

Documentary gone wrong turned into hotel photography. I recently went on a self-funded trip to Yunnan where I was looking to start a personal research and short documentary about coffee production in the area. Unfortunately once I arrived in the Xishuangbanna region, where most of the coffee farming is done, I got trapped in terrible weather conditions as the remains of a tropical typhoon were still casting continuous rain showers over the hilly countryside.

So, after several days of waiting for the sun to shine again, I eventually got tired and decided to leave it at that for the time being. Looked up tickets online for another destination, changed my plan, and finally decided to head off to Lijiang up in the mountains.

Thanks to some good connections and a bit of right timing, I was able to get myself a private villa at the amazing Pullman Resort & Spa for a week, which is probably one of the nicest hotels of this kind in China. Fresh air, quiet mornings and beautiful autumn colors… it was a bliss staying there so here are a few previews.